NEAEA Grade 12 Result 2024: Student result 2016

NEAEA Grade 12 Result 2024: EAES 2016: EAES 2015 EAES: Educational Assessment and Examination Services check Ethiopian grade 12 student exam result 2014 EC.

Check 12th-grade results in the online 12 national exam student results. Until 2021, the Ethiopian University Entrance Examination Certificate was the Grade 12 final examination. However, after 2021, it was replaced and renamed the Secondary School Leaving Examination (SSLE).

NEAEA / EAES Grade 12 Result 2024 Ethiopia

National Educational Assessment and Examination Agency (NEAEA) Grade 12 Results 2021, Ethiopia

The National Educational Assessment and Examination Agency (NEAEA), Ethiopia, will announce the Grade 12 results 2021 in July 2021. Previously, students accessed the official website to check their Grade 12 exam results for 2021. However, will facilitate checking the Grade 12 national exam results for the 2012 EC.

NEAEA Grade 12 Results 2024

Since 2001, the second phase of preparatory secondary education, encompassing Grades 11 and 12, has been a crucial two-year period designed to prepare students for higher education. Until 2003, students were awarded the Ethiopian School Leaving Certificate (ESLC) at the end of this phase. This certification has since been replaced by the Ethiopian Higher Education Entrance Examination (EHEEE).

The Grade 12 national examination for the 2024 session (2015 EC) is scheduled from July to August. Typically, the NEAEA requires approximately 45 days to review the examination papers and publish the results for Grade 12.

NEAEA Grade 12 Result 2024

Current Status: ANNOUNCE SOON



How to Check Online?

Important Notice for 2015 Exam Candidates:

The Grade 12 National Exam results will be announced on 29/01/2016 at 1:00 AM. Candidates can check their results using the following three methods:

  • Website:
  • Short Message Service (SMS): 6284
  • Telegram Bot: @eaesbot

Important Note:

We inform you that the only means to check the results are the methods mentioned above. Beware of anyone claiming to provide results.

– Also, our agency does not charge a fee to display results.

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To Check on Website:

  1. Go to your browser and type “”.
  2. Enter your Admission Number (Registration Number) and First Name on the upcoming page.
  3. Click on “Check Result” to view your results.

Using SMS:

Send your Admission Number (Registration Number) to 6284. Wait for a response.

Using Telegram Bot:

  1. Search for “@eaesbot“.
  2. Follow the provided instructions, input your Admission Number (Registration Number), and wait for the results.

Natural science stream

  • specific subjects: biology, chemistry, mathematics, physics.
  • general subjects: social studies, English, physical education.
  • optional subjects: foreign language, the national language.

Social science stream

  • specific subjects: social studies, geography, history.
  • general subjects: English, mathematics, physical education.
  • optional subjects: foreign language, the national language, natural sciences. grade 12 2024

Until 2003, admission to higher education in Ethiopia was determined by the results of the Ethiopian School Leaving Certificate Examination. Since that year, admission has been based on the Ethiopian Higher Education Entrance Examination (EHEEE). Formally, students must achieve a minimum grade point average (GPA) of 2.0 to be admitted to bachelor’s degree programs.

In practice, however, admission is often limited to students with the highest grades due to the restricted capacity of the higher education system. Typically, students who have achieved a grade of C or higher in at least five subjects, including English, Mathematics, and Amharic, are admitted.

Admission to diploma programs requires a GPA of 1.4, but in practice, the actual GPA requirement is adjusted based on the number of available seats. To enhance access to higher education for women, they are permitted to gain admission with a GPA that is 0.2 points lower than the standard requirement.

NEAEA Grade 12 Result 2024 Date

The NEA of Ethiopia released the grade 12 result on August 6, 2017. However, 2024 NEAEA published Ethiopia’s grade 12 result on August  27, 2024.

Every year the result is announced either in August or the 1st week of September. Last year more than one million students took the exam across the country, of which 47.7 percent are girls.

How to check Grade 12 Result 2024:

The National Examination Agency (NEA) allows students to access Ethiopia Student Result online. As a result, the grade 12 exam result can also be checked online.

  • Switch on your laptop or mobile and connect to the Internet.
  • Open a web browser and type
  • Check the main menu and click on Student Result.
  • Now select Grade 12.
  • Enter “Student Registration Number”
  • Finally, click on GO.

NEAEA Grade 12 Result 2024: EAES 2015

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NEAEA EAES Result 2024/2016

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