NEAEA News 2024/2016 (Today’s Top Breaking News) Ethiopia

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NEAEA News 2024/2016 (Today's Top Breaking News) Ethiopia


NEAEA News 2024/2016 Results

As a matter of fact, The NEAEA upgrading its website for Grade 10 Result 2020, the results likely to be released shortly.

2013 E.C. M 12th grade national exam results are announced
The ministry of education has announced the results of the 2013 E.M. 12th grade national exam.
The press release given by Mr. Tefera Feyisa, Deputy Director General of the Ministry of Education, National Education and Exams Agency in 2013 E. Out of the 617,991 students who registered for the national exam of M 12th grade, 599,003 (96.9%) have taken the exam.
In the first round of the civics exam in all schools, due to the similarity of results and the result is not to be used as a competition for university entrance exam.
Mr. Tefera Feyisa Aklewum has explained that all students are supposed to bring 50% and more average points to the schools that are used to attend private and government higher education.
The Deputy Director General has said that the entrance point of government universities will be announced in the future.
Students can know their results by using the following options.
1) Website in Education and Exams Services:-
2) On Ministry of Education website:-
3) On Telegram Bot (Telegram Bot):- @moestudentbot -.
4) In 9444 SMS (9444 SMS):- Enter their identity number on the text message and send it to 9444 you can see their results.
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NEAEA News 2023/2014 (Today’s Top Breaking News) Ethiopi

Updates on 1st January 2023

It has been known that the National Education Examination Agency has not given the 2013 12th grade national exam in areas where there were security problems.
According to this in 2013. The 12th-grade national exam of the school year has announced that the National Examination Agency will give a press release in areas that have not been examined due to the collapse of the security in our country.

The 2013 E/C general education final exam (12th grade national exam) has been completed peacefully.
The National Education and Challenges Agency has confirmed the completion of the 2013 E/C general education exam (12th grade national exam) in a press release given yesterday. The statement given by the deputy director of the agency, 617,991 students have registered to take the national exam, but the security in some areas of our country.
Problem Aquaya 565,255 national exam testers Even though the agency planned to take the exam, it has explained that 545,381 students took the exam and 96.5%. Even though it is a time of great peace, it has stated that being able to take the exam is a great success as a country. The source of this success is the education administration, the command post that is built from the federal to the school, the security structure parents and the society.
Boo in the making of a team They said they should be accepted. It doesn’t mean that the answers of the national exam that were circulating on social media are based on the technical, administrative and digital committees that were under the command post are based on the information given by the average society. We are following the issue very soon based on the information that the exam stations have been following the issue with the answer papers and reports and other information that come with the answer papers. At the level of students, in school and They have explained that action will be taken in the form of education. Finally, they have completed the press release by giving appropriate answers to the questions raised by journalists.

Director-General of the National Education Assessment and Examinations Agency, Dilamo Oteri, said the 2012 Grade 12 National Examination is high in terms of enrollment, challenge and results.

Out of the total test takers, 55.7 percent scored more than 350. According to the statement, the test results are better than last year, with 702 students taking more than 600.

The highest score of the year was 669, he said. Students will be able to view their results on the exam agency’s website and text message number 8181 starting tomorrow. He said the ministry is working with the Ministry of Science and Higher Education on admission and passing points.

It is reported that the 12th-grade national exam will be given on paper.
The Minister of Education that was going to be given online in 2012 The national level 12 release exam will be given on paper.
The minister of education Getahun Mekuriya (PHD) has announced that the 12th-grade national exams are not able to enter the country because of Corona.
According to this, the 2012 E. The national exam is on February 29, 2013 The minister has stated that he will give.
It has been announced that the examination ID will be given in the school from February 22 to 24 From February 21-27,2013, 21-27,2013 It has been stated that the exam and return papers will be reached to the zones.
The 2012 E. C It is remembered that the Ministry of Education has been preparing to give the 12th-grade national exam.

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