Dambi Dollo University Student Result 2024 Assessment Results PDF check now at ttps:// Are you a student at Dambi Dollo University eagerly waiting to check your assessment results? You’ve come to the right place! This comprehensive guide will help you navigate through accessing your student result and downloading the assessment results PDF from the official Dambi [...]

The Wollo University Campuses are located at two places one is at Dessie and another one is at Kombolcha. Check the latest Address and Location of Wollo University. However, both of these campuses are attractive to Ethiopian and international students who will be increasingly active in a global marketplace. Wollo University Campus The University has two [...]

The Wollo University is one of the federal universities built among a group of 2nd generation Universities in Ethiopia. The Official Website is The University is currently is located in the South Wollo Zone of the Amhara State, Wollo University Ethiopia The Wollo University currently focuses on being one of the top five universities in terms [...]

Samara University: Website Semera, Ethiopia. Admission for Regular Undergraduate Students. Samara University Admission 2019 Admission to year I level regular programs is granted by the Ministry of Education and processes by the Office of the Registrar of Samara University. Placement  This shall be carried out for Undergraduate students on the regular programs after they [...]

Samara University Passing Point or Pass Marks and Readmission Process: The minimum pass marks in each semester of Samara University examination is determined by the university authority. Samara University Passing Point  Summary related to dismissals and warnings:  SGPA=semester GPA, CGPA= Cumulative GPA, AW= Academic Warning, AD=Academic Dismissal, CAD= Complete Academic Dismissal Year CGPA SGPA <1 1≤SGPA<1.5 1.5≤SGPA<1.75 1.75≤SGPA<2.00 [...]

Samara University Grading System: CGPA and GPA (Semera, Ethiopia): The Academic achievement at Samara University is represented by grades. Individual students scored marks is done by their own Grading System. The credit hours were taken to determine the grade point average (GPA). Samara University Grading System Academic achievement in any of the courses shall be graded on [...]

Samara University Courses and Academic Programmes: Samara University: Semera, Ethiopia offered various courses for students There are 35 undergraduate programs of these some are new and are launched in this academic year. The university also launched postgraduate programs. Samara University Courses and Academic Programmes Samara University has got seven faculties each one dealing with diverse fields of [...]

Samara University, Ethiopia. Contacts and Location Full Address. All the students can get full details of Samara University Contacts and Location details from this page. Samara University Location Samara University (SU) is one of the higher education institutions in Ethiopia which has become operational in 2000 E.c. SU, the first and only university in Afar National [...]

Samara University: Website Semera, Ethiopia. Samara University (SU) is one of the higher education institutions in Ethiopia which has become operational in 2000 E.c. SU, the first and only university in Afar National Regional State is located in Samar town, the capital of the Region. Samara University Ethiopia The university is the outcome of the [...]

Kebri Dehar University ( Ethiopia: Kabri Dahar (Somali: Qabridahare) is a city in the eastern part of Ethiopia known as the Ogaden. Located in the Korahe Zone of the Somali Region. The Kabri Dehar University (website is is a newly developed university in this region.  This university has been added to the list and its construction would embark on this year expected [...]

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