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Samara University: Website Semera, Ethiopia. Admission for Regular Undergraduate Students.

Samara University Admission 2019

Samara University Admission 2019

Admission to year I level regular programs is granted by the Ministry of Education and processes by the Office of the Registrar of Samara University.


This shall be carried out for Undergraduate students on the regular programs after they have been admitted by the University, but before they register for the first semester.

  • Orientation is given by faculties/Departments Registrar (Admissions Officer), & Students Service Management Director.
  • Registrar Units distribute departmental choice form containing a list of departments at the end of orientation.
  • Students fill out a form listing his/her preference of departments on the format and submit to faculty the same day or in the morrow at most
  • Faculty Admission & Placement Committee decides student allocations to the department based on student demand, individual student’s ability, affirmative action and talent distribution. Faculties need to employ the same criteria set by the MoE (and/or by the University as appropriate).

Incorrect Placement

If a student is incorrectly placed in a Faculty different from his/her Preparatory school area of study, then he/she shall apply to the Ministry of Education or. If his/her application is accepted by Ministry of Education then he/she will be given a letter which places him/her to the desired Faculty. Upon presenting the letter, the student will be admitted to the new Faculty.


In certain cases students unhappy with their placed department can request replacement to another department; if

  • Two students agree to swap departments. This has become unacceptable as money got involved in the process. Demanding a lot of money in exchange has become commonplace. Thus, faculties/departments openly announce for students to compete and fill in places of students who failed to report after assignment by the MoE and faculties.
  • One student presents suitable evidence that the placed department is unsuitable.

Exchange Cases  within Samara University

  • Students may apply for exchange from Department to Department within faculty before the time of add and drop of courses for the semester they are applying to.
  • Students within Samara University requesting an exchange from one Department to another Department must obtain a written consent from both Departments and present to the University Registrar.
  • All courses taken by the student at Samara University will appear on his/her transcript


 1. Students apply for exchange from one department to another—in the same faculty;

2. The student begins the process by enquiring about exchange to new department. If new department is willing, student then consults the current department.

3. Either department can enquire about the student’s ability and character; they have the right to refuse or permit the exchange. If both departments are willing student fills out Exchange form from his/her record officer;


 4. Student begins process by enquiring the registry (Admission office) about exchange to new department.

5. The Admission Officer issues exchange forms, if student is eligible for exchange based on the rules & regulations of the university (provided that other conditions, such as space, are not limiting). The preconditions include:

  • Exchange applications not considered after the time of add and  drop
  • Student should not have taken more than a semester’s Cr.hrs. to be eligible for exchange
  • Exchange is allowed to proceed with the process

6. The student fills out exchange form in 6 copies and seeks the consent of both departments;

7. If both the departments are willing, Forms shall be countersigned by: current Dept.Head, current Dean of faculty, new Dept. Head. New Faculty Dean and registry (Record Officer).

8. Upon successful completion, student clears from the current department and hands a copy each of the completed clearance forms to the current Department and his/her record officer. Reason for withdrawal on the clearance form is stated ‘’Exchange to another Department/Faculty’’

4.1- Inter-university transfer
Grounds for transfer
A student eligible for transfer may be granted admission where:
  • He is placed in an institution situated in a place or environment that poses unfavorable health conditions while he is already suffering from a serious medical problem or his health condition necessitates that he should live out side Samara or its environs in order to get better access to medical facilities or family care; or
  • He was the only source of income for his family and was looking after sick parents living in his environs.
  • He was in a very serious social problem
Where a student invokes any of the above grounds for transfer he shall have the burden of providing authentic and relevant evidence which can prove his case to the satisfaction of the unit or authority of the university entertaining his application. If the case health problem, the evidence must be from Dubti Hospital Medical Board.
A student wishing to transfer will be required to fill a standard transfer application form which will be available at registrar and which he can collect upon payment of appropriate fees.
Registration and Identification Cards
A. Registration
After admission and placement students collect cost sharing (Only for regular undergraduate degree students) forms from their department and Admission Application forms from respective record officer and fills out the forms.
The Application forms require:-
  1. Student’s bio-data and signature
  2. 5 passport photos (full name in block letter should be written at the back of each photo),
  3. Copies of Preparatory School Transcript and University Entrance Examination Certificate (EHEECE) (MoE normally sends these after students get assigned to different universities).
  4. On successful completion of admission, student receives registration form to fill in
  5. Student registers for the full program
This assumes the student is already admitted or readmitted to a program.
  • For each program, Department publishes list of courses for students to register on.
  • Department submits or posts in writing the names of instructors assigned as advisors for each batch of students
  • Student collects registration forms from departments/faculty unit and fills out 3 copies based on published list (this may not be the final list for a student with add & drop; some courses may be added or dropped at the ‘add & drop’ stage);
  • Registration form is signed by student and then submitted to respective record officer.
  • Faculty Record Officers check each student’s status from student’s grade report or previous semester’s master sheet): if no dismissal, student can continue to the next semester;
  • If successfully completed, the Faculty Record officer puts an officials stamp:
    • reading “Registered” and date of registration on the forms for new students, and
    • reading “Renewed” & date of renewal on student’s ID for senior Students (date of registration on the ID of new entrants);
Identity Card

A student registered at the university shall be issued a non-transferable identification card with a unique and a permanent Identity Number. The card which is a very valuable document requiring careful handling is the passport to services and facilities of the University. The ID Number, which should appear on every student documents, is required every time the student requests for university services, even after graduation.

Identification cards are given to every new student and these cards must be

  1. renewed each regular, evening or in-service session
  2. returned to the university registrar when the student withdraw or graduate

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