Grade 6 Ministry Exam and Result 2024 (Ethiopia)

Grade 6 Ministry Exam and Result 2024 (2016) (Ethiopia) Explore everything you need to know about the Grade 6 Ministry Exam in Ethiopia, an essential academic assessment mandated by the Ministry of Education. This pivotal exam evaluates the competencies of sixth graders in core subjects, setting a foundation for their future educational pathways. Following the exams, results are promptly published, offering insights into student performances and educational standards across the region.

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  • Addis Ababa Education Bureau Grade 6 Result 2024 or Grade 6 Ministry Exam. This 6th-grade regional examination is the 1st cycle assessment of the students based on the new education roadmap of Ethiopia. If you sat for the Ministry Exam Grade 6 and have been patiently waiting for the results, you’re in the right [...]

    6th Grade Ministry Result 2024/2016 (Ethiopia): In Ethiopia, the Ministry of Education oversees the national examinations that students take at various levels of their education, including the Grade 6 National Exam. This exam is significant as it marks the transition from primary to secondary education, hence sometimes referred to as the Primary School Leaving Examination [...]