NIMEI Result 2016 E.C. (2024) 2024 E.C NIMEI Written Entrance Exam Result And Interview Site, Date & Time: NIMEI Result 2011 (E.C.) Placement National Entrance Examination Results 2020. The NIMEI the new national medical Education system which is a joint initiative by the two Ministries, the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Education of [...]

New Innovative Medical Education Initiative (NIMEI) 2011 E.C. (2019) NIMEI is a Government Initiative Leadership: joint FMOH and FMOE Under the focus of the of Medical and Health Sciences and Curriculum Council . Curriculum development: was by taskforce from FMOH, Tulane University, FMOE, 5 Universities, WHO and Jhpiego. Currently has wide base partner’s involvement [...]