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NIMEI Result 2016 E.C. (2024) 2024 E.C NIMEI Written Entrance Exam Result And Interview Site, Date & Time: NIMEI Result 2011 (E.C.) Placement National Entrance Examination Results 2020.

The NIMEI the new national medical Education system which is a joint initiative by the two Ministries, the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Education of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, envisioning the scaling up and transformation of medical education in Ethiopia. The goal is to educate 21st-century Medical Doctors quantitatively sufficiently and professionally competent to provide quality health care to meet the demand of the Nation.

2011E.C NIMEI Applicants Oral Exam Result.


  • 1. The oral exam is scored from 20 Cutoff points≥ 10 ( Male and Female).
  • 2. The written exam is used to recruit eligible applicants for interviews. The final pass/fail decision is done based on the oral exam result
  • 3.  For Placement, the following three criteria will be considered. The sum of written and oral exam result Applicants’ choice and Training institutions’ intake capacity
  • 4. As soon as the placement is completed it will be posted on the MOE website

NIMEI as one of its components has developed a Recruitment Selection and Admission system where National Entrance Examination is one major component. NIMEI Entrance Examination has been conducted on Tahsas 10 2004 E.C. in 13 Universities and newly established medical schools in different regions of Ethiopia. A total of 2879 applicants had registered in the different registration sites to the National Examination Agency. Among the total applicants, 430 were Female applicants. Applicants were from all regions of Ethiopia: Tigray, Afar, Amhara, Oromia, Somali, Benshangul-Gumz, SNNPR, Gambella, Harari, Addis Ababa, and Dire-Dawa.

Results of the NIMEI 

Results of the NIMEI Entrance Examination as administered by the National Agency for Examination are now available. To see your individual results and your status of admission to the different medical schools please follow the following

2. Criteria of selection for entrance to Medical School

  • All Candidates have been selected based on the admission criteria of NIMEI.
  • Candidates that sat the exam have been selected based on their performance on the Entrance Examination. However, affirmative action has been applied to female candidates as on the admission criteria.
  • Pass to the Medical Schools
    • Male candidates with results of 56 and above have been accepted to the Medical Schools.
    • Female candidates with results of 48 and above have been accepted to the Medical School.
  • A total of 1017 candidates will be admitted to the Medical Schools out of these 75 %are Male and 25% are Female candidates. Additional 117 Candidates are selected as reserves.
  • Status to Medical School admissions are four: 1)“Pass” means admitted 2) “Reserve” means can be admitted if “Pass” candidate number is not achieved in the medical schools 3) “Fail” means not admitted 4) “Disqualified” means candidate whose result has been rejected for reasons of falsification or misrepresentation.

How to Access your personal Result: 

on the following link you will see a dialogue box (please click on the “PDF version” for the pictorial explanation)

On the Dialogue box Exam Result 

  • Enter your Registration Number on the space provided for ID as on your Admission Card to the National Examination Agency.
  • Click on the drop-down arrow and select “NIMEI”
  • Click on the “Show” Tab
  • Then you will see your personal data with results and status for admission to Medical School.

N.B : Placement of candidates admitted to Medical schools will be posted soon on this web site.

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