Samara University Grading System

Samara University Grading System: CGPA and GPA (Semera, Ethiopia): The Academic achievement at Samara University is represented by grades. Individual students scored marks is done by their own Grading System. The credit hours were taken to determine the grade point average (GPA).

Samara University Calculation of CGPA and GPA

Samara University Grading System:

Samara University Grading System

  • Academic achievement in any of the courses shall be graded on the letter grading system. Unless specified in a curriculum of a program, the following letter grades will be given based on the performance of the student.
No. Letter Grade Grade Point Marks (100%)
1. A+ 4.0 ≥95
2. A 4.0 85≤G<95
3. A- 3.75 80≤G<85
4. B+ 3.5 75≤G<80
5. B 3.0 65≤G<75
6. B- 2.75 60≤G<65
7. C+ 2.5 55≤G<60
8. C 2 50≤G<55
9. D 1 40≤G<50
10. F 0 <40
11. I Incomplete
12. NG No Grade
13. DO Drop Out
14. W Withdrew
15. IA Incomplete Attendance
  • The sum of grade points earned is divided by the number of credit hours taken to determine the grade point average (GPA).
  • In cases where the student does not have full examination records, the student shall get an “NG” grade. “NG” will be changed to F by the registrar if a grade change is not submitted with in 15 days after late registration.
  • All required noncredit works shall be recorded with grade of “P” for satisfactory and “F” for unsatisfactory, but neither of which shall be included in the computation of the GPA.

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