Kebri Dehar University ( Ethiopia

Kebri Dehar University ( Ethiopia: Kabri Dahar (Somali: Qabridahare) is a city in the eastern part of Ethiopia known as the Ogaden. Located in the Korahe Zone of the Somali Region. The Kabri Dehar University (website is is a newly developed university in this region.  This university has been added to the list and its construction would embark on this year expected to be functional in 2011 EC.

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Kebri Dehar University ( Ethiopia

According to NEAE admission point, among the students who took the national exam in a regular basis, male and female natural science students who scored 354 and 340 respectively are eligible to join universities. Similarly, 330 and 320 is the entry point to those male and female social science exam takers respectively.

In another way, those male and female students who scored 360 and 355 point and took the exams privately in both natural and social science courses are also eligible to join universities. On the other hand, students who are from emerging and pastoralist states and the handicapped are beneficiaries of affirmative action and the entrance point is lowered for them.


Admissions to all regular undergraduate programs in Kabridahar University are processed in accordance to the national guidelines set by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education. The admittance to Kabridahar University should be in-line with the country’s admission policies and procedures.

Admissions to continuing, summer, in-service, and distance education programs shall be processed through the University Registrar by taking into account the University Senate’s Recruitment and Admission Committee criteria applicable to the College of Continuing and Distance Education. Also, the University Registrar is responsible for all students’ admittance-related issues including intake, admission, readmission, placement, enrollment, class and exam schedules. Further, the Office of the Registrar keeps academic records, allocation of classrooms as well as lecture halls, and graduations.

Courses offered by KDU

College of Social Science and Humanity

  • Department of English Literature
  • Department of History and Heritage Management
  • Department of Geography

Natural and Computational Science

  • Department of Physics
  • Department of Chemistry
  • Department of Biology
  • Department Mathematics

Business & Economics

  • Department of Accounting & Finance
  • Department of Management
  • Department of Economics