Grade 8 Result 2023 (2015 EC) Ethiopia Ministry Result

Grade 8 Result 2023 (2015 EC) Ethiopia Ministry Result: National Educational Assessment And Examination Agency (NEAEA) Ethiopia, Grade 8 Examinations Result 2022 grade 8 Result.

Grade 8 Result 2023 (2015 EC) Ethiopia Ministry Result

  • In the past, science education up to Grade 8 was given in an integrated form. Now, physics, chemistry, and biology are taught as leaner subjects. The reason for such special focus (attention) is that science subjects and mathematics are believed to help students to understand nature.
  • It can be seen that nationally 88% of students achieve a mark that allows them to be promoted and to proceed on to secondary school. Nationally more males get promoted compared to females, however, in Tigray, Ethio- Somali, Benishangul Gumuz and Dire Dawa proportionally more females are promoted out of those who for sat the exam.

Ministry Result Grade 8 Result 2023 (2015 EC)

  • In Grade 8, students who scored 50% and above were 11.32% in English, 9.9% in Mathematics,16.91% in Physics, 16.56% in Chemistry, and 23.98% in Biology. The highest observation was in biology (23.98%) and the lowest was in Mathematics (9.9%) and English (11.32%). Similarly, the percentage of students who accomplished the level in composite score was only (11.0%)
Grade 8 Result 2023 (2015 EC) Ethiopia Ministry Result

Note: Data for SNNP and Harari for 2008 E.C. was not available at the time of publication and 2007 E.C. data was used in the above table


  • The result of the 8th-grade regional exam has been announced today. Addis Ababa City Administration Office has been celebrated in the 8th-grade regional state, June 11 and 12 69492 years old and 69492 students will be held in for the 10th century. So, as for the students to take a school of students to take a school in the school of the Addis Ababa City of Addis Ababa.
  • In Addis Ababa City Administration’s office is about to be a lesson for the schools in Addis Ababa.
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