Student Result 2024/2016 Grade 12 Ethiopia

Educational Assessment and Examination Services Student Result 2024/2016 Grade 12 Ethiopia. How to Check Student Results on A Detailed Guide for Ethiopian Students.

Navigating through the academic year can be challenging, but accessing your exam results shouldn’t be. For students across Ethiopia, the portal provides an essential tool for retrieving examination results quickly and efficiently. This detailed guide will walk you through checking your results on, ensuring you can access your academic performance swiftly and securely. Student Result 2024/2016

The Ethiopian Academic and Examination Services (EAES) portal,, is a pivotal student resource. It offers various academic services online, including access to examination schedules, exam registration, educational announcements, and, most critically, student exam results. The platform is designed with user-friendliness, providing a seamless interface for students to navigate their academic needs.

Step-by-Step Guide to Checking Your Online Results  Educational Assessment and Examination Services 2016/2024

Navigate to the Results Page:

  • Begin by visiting the official website where your results will be posted. Look for a section or tab labeled “Results” or “Exams” and click on it.

Access the Result Checking Section:

  • Once you are on the results page, you will likely see a form to enter your details. This is where you will input your registration information to access your results.

Enter Your Registration Number:

  • In the field marked “Registration Number,” enter your unique identification number. This number is typically provided to you by your educational institution or examination board.
  • Example field: Registration Number: [xxxxxx]

What if You Forgot Your Admission Number?

  • If you cannot remember your admission or registration number, look for a link or an option that says “Forgot admission number?” Click on this link, and follow the instructions to retrieve your number. You may need to verify your identity by providing additional information such as your birth date or email address.

Enter Your First Name:

  • In the designated field marked “First Name,” type your first name as registered in your exam or school records.

Example field: First Name: [WRITE HERE...]

Submit Your Information:

  • After entering your details, look for a submit button, often labeled “Check Result” or “Submit.” Click on this button to proceed.

View Your Results:

  • Once your information is processed, your results will be displayed on the screen. You can view your score, grade, and any remarks or additional information provided.

Print or Download Your Results:

  • If you need a physical copy of your results, use the print or download options typically available on the results page. This will allow you to save a copy for your records or print it out directly.

Grade 12 Ethiopia Exam 2024

  • Nationwide Exam Preparation: The Ministry of Education is gearing up to administer the Grade 12 National Exam to over 700,000 students nationwide. Both paper and online methods are being prepared to ensure a smooth examination process for all participants.
  • Dual Exam Formats: Preparations include setting up for both paper-based and digital exams. This dual approach aims to accommodate all students and ensure that every candidate has the necessary resources to participate in the exam effectively.
  • Role of the Directorate of Education Evaluation and Examinations: Under the leadership of Director Ato Tefera Feyisa, the Directorate is actively coordinating the comprehensive setup required for the successful delivery of these exams.
  • Supporting Capable Students: Specific strategies are in place to enable capable students to take the exam in whichever format they are most comfortable with, whether online or on paper. This includes both academic and emotional preparations to optimize student readiness.
  • Digital Preparedness and Training: Dr. Zelalem Assefa, the executive in charge of Education Digitalization and ICT, emphasized the importance of preliminary arrangements for online exams. Particular focus is being given to selected cities where preparatory training up to the school level is conducted.
  • Technology Training for Students: Extensive training involving practical software testing and emotional preparation strategies is provided to ensure students are comfortable with the digital format.
  • Selection of Exam Centers: Not all venues are suitable for hosting online exams. Universities and organizations lacking adequate network and power backup facilities are excluded from being exam centers, ensuring reliability and uninterrupted exam delivery.
  • Technical Support Clusters: Technical support during the exams is being strategically organized. Professionals are clustered around universities and other key organizations to provide immediate assistance.
  • Debunking Rumors: The government has addressed and cleared up misconceptions regarding students’ need to bring their laptops to the exams, affirming that such requirements are unfounded.
  • Exam Commencement Date: The 2016 Grade 12 exams are scheduled to start on Hamle 03/2016, and all preparations are targeted towards this timeline.

Accessing the Portal

To begin, open your web browser and enter the website address: . This portal is optimized for accessibility on various devices, including smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers, ensuring you can check your results from home or on the go.

Navigating to the Student Result Section

Once on the EAES website, you will typically find the ‘Student Result’ section under either the ‘Examination’ or ‘Student Services’ tabs. The website’s layout is structured to guide you directly to the services you need without unnecessary complications.

Entering Your Credentials

You will be prompted to enter your credentials upon reaching the Student Result section. This typically includes your student ID or registration number. It’s crucial to enter this information accurately to access your academic results. The EAES system is fortified with robust security measures to ensure that all student data remains confidential and is only accessible to the respective student.

Viewing and Understanding Your Results

After you have input your details and submitted the request, your results will be displayed on the screen. Here, you can review your grades for each course, note any academic commendations or areas needing improvement, and see your cumulative grade point average (GPA). The results page is designed to be intuitive, offering detailed insights into your academic performance across different subjects.

Additional Features also provides options to download or print your results. This can be useful for keeping physical records for future educational or career opportunities. Additionally, if there are any discrepancies in your results, the portal offers guidance on how to seek clarifications or corrections through proper channels.

Stay Updated with EAES on Facebook

For ongoing updates, including announcements about when results will be posted, follow the EAES official Facebook page at EAES on Facebook. This social media platform is regularly updated to provide students with timely information regarding their academic schedules, result announcements, and other essential updates. Engaging with the EAES Facebook page also allows students to connect with a broader community of peers and academic advisors who can offer support and guidance.

Why Rely on

Utilizing the portal to check exam results offers numerous advantages. It saves time by eliminating the need to visit academic offices in person. The portal is regularly updated, ensuring that you are accessing the most current and accurate academic information. Moreover, the security protocols protect your personal information, giving you peace of mind when accessing sensitive data.

Accessing your exam results is a critical component of your academic journey. With, Ethiopian students have a reliable, efficient, and secure method to access their results.

This guide should help you navigate the process smoothly, ensuring you are well-prepared for the next steps in your educational or professional path. Always stay proactive by watching the EAES portal and the associated Facebook page for the latest updates and resources to support your academic success.