NEAEA Grade 12 Passing Point 2023/EC2015 and university’s Cut-off point

NEAEA Grade 12 Passing Point 2015 and Ethiopia University Entrance Examination 2019 Cut-off point and the minimum passing marks in Grade 12th placement exam result.

NEAEA Grade 12 Passing Point 2013 (EC) Ethiopia National Examination. Recently the National Educational Assessment And Examination Agency (NEAEA), Ethiopia has released the Grade 12 result 2013 for all the Ethiopian students. In addition, the agency has published the minimum pass marks for grade 12 national examination.

NEAEA Grade 12 Passing Point

Accordingly, there is a problem in the current Grade 12 exam, especially in cases where students who are found to be in violation of the Code of Conduct have been cancelled and those involved in the breach are held accountable, in contrast to the exams issued on Thursday and Friday, 6/10/2012. He said the university’s cut-off point was determined based on the four subjects, due to the fact that there was a clear drop in the exams on Monday and Tuesday, 10 and 11, 2011.

These include English, Mathematics, Aptitude and Physics for the natural sciences, and English, Mathematics, Aptitude, and Geography become the social sciences.

The cut-off point would be special and that it would be released by the agency within a few days.

University Placement cut-off point

2012 University Entrance Point Decision Statement In the 2011 school year, 322,717 students enrolled for the University Entrance Exam, 319,264 (Male 180,825; Female 138,439) were admitted to the exam. 43.36 percent of those taking the test were women.

In 2012, the University Entrance Grade results in four subject areas:

 English, Mathematics, Psychological Applied Testing and Physics for Natural Science students

 For social science students in English, Mathematics, Psychology Applied Testing and Geography

It is set to handle 400 marks in four subjects. In accordance with the provisions of Article 40 (3) of the Higher Education Act of 1152/2011, the Ministry of Science and Higher Education determines admission.

Accordingly, only 140 or more of the four courses can go to the university, based on the cumulative enrollment of university admission and the capacity of private and public, higher education institutions. By this minimum entry point, 233,102 (73.07%) of the total challengers would be able to go to higher education. Of these, 142,821 students receive regular program admission to public institutions. The remaining 90,281 can attend private and private institutions. Of the 142,821 receiving government institutions, 61,567 (43.1%) will be women. Detailed entry criteria and cutting points are summarized as shown in the figure. Ministry of Science and Higher Education Published 06/2011
Addis Ababa


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